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表达的意思是一样的,但是两句话强调的意义不一样。we are family强调主体,意思是我们是家人。we are a family强调"整体",意思是我们是一家子,或者说我们是一个集体。

we're a family与we are family有和不同嘛 --> we are family正确 family是个集合名词,当它代表一个整体也就是家庭的意思时使用时用单数形式,如:My family is a big family.(我的家庭是一个大家庭。)当它代表家庭成员时用复数形式!My fami...

We are a family中we是代表我们。 句子意思:我们是一家人 1、根据句子意思可知,family不只一个人,故we是我们 2、we的意思是我们,我应该用I 望采纳O(∩_∩)O谢谢

a 去掉,这里的语境里family是不可数的,意思是“一家人” 不同的语境,会有不同的理解。Almost every family in the country owns a television. 几乎每个家庭都有一台电视机。He is one of my families.他是我家人中的一个。以上可以看出family...

不错。family是个集体名词,作为整体,指家庭,作主语时,动词用单数;作为个体,指家庭成员,作主语时,动词用复数。比较: We are a big family.我们是一个大家庭。 His family is poor.他家很穷。 His family are watching TV.他全家人都在看...

we are family 我们是一家人

对 让人迷惑的就是 we怎么和a ...用在一起.其实这是对的.再如 We Chinese are a hardworking and brave people.

get up everybody and sing everyone can see we're together as we walk on by (and) and we fly just like birs of a feather i won't tell no lie all of the people around us they say (they say) can they be that close (thats right) ju...

口语上We are family 常用来鼓励士气互相帮助,并不是真的一家人; 而We are a family 是真正有血缘的一家人;

我们是快乐的一家人 We are a happy family.

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